GSK Consumer is not a Stranger
Creative/Art Direction/Design
Pfizer Content Marketing Transformation
Government Legal Department
Concept & Design
Nordic Entertainment
Concept & Design
Harrods Employer Brand
Concept & Design RMA 2019 nominations - Best Employer Brand & Internal Communications.
GSK You're making life better
Creative/Art Direction/Design
Capgemini - Active Inclusion
RADs 2019: Work of the Year, Best Video Campaign and Best D&I lnitiative. Agency: Pink Squid
Little Book of Big Lies
Entertaining and humorous book of believable fake facts. Aimed at parents but made suitable to enjoy with a child. Promoting the great outdoors for healthy microbiome and immune system. Here are some of my favourite pages from the full alphabet.
Harrods Summer Campaign
It’s all about how you don’t need to be an expert in what you are selling because in Harrods we will teach you, just bring yourself and your passion. 
Pets at Home - Winning Pitch
Just like people, pets have unique personalities.
Harrods - Summer Campaign
You don’t need to be an expert in what you are selling because in Harrods we will teach you, just bring yourself and your passion. RMA 2018 nomination for Recruitment Effectiveness
Vodafone - Generation Possible Case Study
Ministry of Justice Campaign
We’re showing how Probation Officers can bring out that potential for change, breaking through the barriers - put up by offenders and society - to enabling rehabilitation and acceptance in the community, for people who want to change, but need support in doing that. 
Aston University Employer Brand
Depressing Holiday Postcards
Transformation of a Jim Jarmusch film “Stranger Than Paradise”. Using the environment around the characters in the film and stereotypical postcard layouts, I created three sets of postcards from every destination the characters travelled. In the back I used their haunting dialogue as typical postcard graphic elements.
Vodafone - Generation Possible
Agency: TMP Worldwide Winning pitch concept.
Street Photography in Cuba
Street Photography Project trying to capture Cuban people living their everyday lives. Shot in April 2017 in Havana, Viñales, Cienfuegos and Trinidad using Canon 5D Mark II
Essex CC Adult Services
Passive Aggressive Tote Bags
I designed series of bags with what everyone can express their feelings towards things what annoy them about people on the tube.
arm - It's Time to Be More
Diversity & Inclusion concept Agency: Pink Squid
Improbable EVP
Agency: Pink Squid Winning pitch concept
Ministry of Justice - Apprenticeships
Pitch Concept Agency TMP Worldwide You don't need any skills just to be the right person.
DLA Piper - Uniting Ambition
Winning pitch concepts Agency: Pink Squid
Novo Nordisk Foundation - Stay Curious
Winning pitch concepts Agency: Pink Squid
Essex County Council - Social Worker Campaign
Bupa - It's in Your Nature
Winning pitch concept for Bupa Agency: Pink Squid
Argos Christmas
Concepts Agency: TMP Worldwide
Agency: Pink Squid
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