• Problem Solving
• Creative Ideas & Concept Development
• Art Direction
• Visual Communication
• Creative 360 Campaigns
• Employer Branding
• Graphic Design (Print & Digital)
• UX design
• Typography
• Simplicity

Very bad at selling myself. And singing and drawing. And some other things but I don't like doing things what I'm not good at. I love solving problems, coming up with ideas, ideas what are different, ideas what work.

I love simplicity in my work. The audience needs to quickly understand what they are looking at. I'm a strong believer that the proposition needs to be clear and single-minded while creating emotional connections with audiences. I am always trying to put myself in their shoes, understand what makes them tick. I believe insight and research are very important to create something people can connect with. I love learning new things, developing, working with likeminded people, getting feedback and improving my work through that. I'm super curious. If anyone, anywhere has a problem, I want to solve it.​​​​​​​
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